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A successful brand will live in the hearts and minds of consumers, this is why your brand is much more than a logo or slogan. Your brand propels your voice into the world and constitutes everything related to your company that comes in the mind of the consumers when they think of you or your products.

Social Media

markerSuccess in social media marketing means starting with a solid strategy. It requires tying online efforts to the company’s overall business goals by defining success metrics before a campaign begins. Social media is not a stand-alone effort. It needs to work with existing, proven marketing techniques and methods to turn the conversation into conversions. Our social media strategies start with plenty of research and end with a blueprint for success that integrates into your overall business strategy.

Website Design

settings2Your website is a multifaceted business machine that should meet the needs of your target audience and help automate as many tasks as possible while creating new, loyal customers. Of course, that is easier typed than done. That is why we have developed a design and development process to build a blueprint using website and SEO data to ensure that we build sites that will serve your existing customers and “wow” new ones.

I have used Ghost Pepper’s services for many years, from business development, promotion and marketing to social media and internet advice. Ghost Pepper’s advice and work product consistently has yielded profitable results for me. I have recommended Ghost Pepper to my own clients, and intend to use Ghost Pepper’s services in the future.

-Jeffrey Kass, shareholder Polsinelli Shughart PC

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