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Be a Social Media Player—or Sit in the Dugout

In the blink of an eye, social media has grown from a platform for chatter about lives and loves into a highly effective, digital word-of-mouth tool for businesses. With 800+ million Facebook users and 175+ million Twitter users, social media might well be considered the answer to every chief marketing officer’s dream.

But becoming engaged in social media isn’t an option for companies that want to grow customers and revenues in the digital age—it’s a necessity. To be in the same space as your customers in the 21st century—and create “buzz”—you’ve got to go social.

That’s not just our view. Sixty-seven percent of U.S. marketers believe Facebook is “critical,” “important” or “useful” for their business.3 And 57 percent of companies that use social media for business are using Twitter4—where they’re connecting with users who are 67 percent more likely to buy their brands, and 79 percent more likely to recommend their brands, than non-Twitter users.5

Because the average Facebook user has 150 friends—each of whom also has about 150 friends, and so on, and so on—a well-crafted social media campaign can hit one out of the park for your company. And if it goes “viral”—and is viewed by hundreds of thousands, even millions, of potential customers—this achievement will be realized at a fraction of the cost of a traditional print ad.

We’ll Make You a Player or Sharpen Your Game
Ghost Pepper can get your company in the social media game—on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus—or increase your batting average if you’re already a social media player.

Engage us to create social media campaigns for your firm, for example, and you’ll see solid results—just like these three highly satisfied St. Louis-area clients:

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